Our Services: For a Community of Homeowners


More and more communities are banding together in projects to do solar bulk purchases and energy efficiency campaigns with light bulbs and community gardening. Thatís true for the Now House project too. We are working in two communities providing consultation, design and construction services related to energy efficient retrofits, as well as assisting with funding to provide incentives.

Example Community Project: Topham 10

The Topham 10 is a Now House project in the Topham Park Community in Toronto. The project which is in proposal stage, plans to assist 10 homeowners in Topham Park to do energy saving retrofits with a goal of near zero or net zero energy use. While some incentives will be provided, homeowners will be expected to finance the retrofit of their own homes.

What we do:

  • The Now House team assisted the community in getting organized and developing the goal of reducing their energy use by 25%. We plan events and publish newsletters to communicate campaigns to reduce energy, highlight local stories and explore funding opportunities to assist in realizing the communityís goals.
  • We have assisted the community in developing a local team called the Topham Eco Team who are working with the community to assist in events and communication activities to provide information and energy-saving campaigns.
  • The Topham 10 will be a collaboration among the community, the Topham Eco Team and the Now House Project Inc. The Now House team will bring together the technical, financial and product manufacturers and builders to achieve an affordable net zero energy retrofit and community based demonstration project.