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All Now Houses to achieve net zero energy use

Our goal is to dramatically reduce the amount of energy used by existing houses in Canada by retrofitting them to net zero energy use. No one else is doing that not even new home builders. (except EQuilibrium competition winners). Builders and architects tell us people won’t pay for taking the extra steps, so we’re likely to attract the 'early adopters' only. When we model prior to a retrofit, we create a roadmap that shows the homeowner what it will take to turn his or her house into a net zero energy home. They can then choose various options depending on their budget and work toward net zero energy sometime in the future. If you look at what is happening in the U.K. today, you’ll see where we’re heading. As of last year, selling a house in the U.K. using a multiple listing requires homeowners to identify the home's EGH or level of energy efficiency. Potential buyers are made aware of whether they are looking at an energy hog with steep operating costs or not. So we think retrofit is the future and net zero energy homes are too.

Do I have to live in a wartime home to make it a Now House?

No. We are beginning to apply our talents and Now House design process to other types of houses. Contact us for details.