Our Services: For Public Sector & Municipal Housing


As energy prices go up, leaders in the social housing area look for ways to reduce their operating costs. The interest in innovative approaches to retrofitting social housing portfolios is growing.

Example Community Project: Now House Windsor 5

The Windsor Essex Community Housing Corporation has 125 wartime homes in their portfolio of social housing. We are working with Windsor Essex CHC to design the retrofit of five houses in their portfolio to net zero energy use and greatly reduced operating costs. The houses will serve as demonstrations for the possible retrofit of the other wartime homes in the portfolio.

What we do:

Now House will provide the community development process, technical research and analysis, design, partnership development, tendering, and project communications for this project.

Community and partnership development

  • We provide early engagement with the residents of the houses and the community to hear their views and explore potential for their participation.
  • We seek partnerships and sponsorships for the project in the energy, education, financial, manufacturing and public sectors.

Technical research, analysis and design development

  • We review best practices and products in the sustainable building space.
  • We work with an interdisciplinary team to analyze and model the potential solutions for the homes.
  • We work with the client and local builders and architects to determine the appropriate solutions.

Knowledge transfer and development of green collar jobs

  • We provide opportunities for the transfer of knowledge to local housing professionals and educational institutions to encourage development of green collar jobs.

Communications and education

  • We design and manage communications with the local community, employee groups, media, other municipalities and targeted conferences.

Monitor and measure

  • We partner with a third party to provide objective monitoring of the home's performance over six to 12 months in order to measure and report results.