The First Now House

The First Homeowner

The residents of the first Now House are John Van Dusen, and his 130-pound bloodhound, Alvin. John got involved when members of the Now House team were canvassing Topham Park for potential homeowner participation.

John had already taken measures to make his house more energy efficient. He had added a new metal roof that had provided improved insulation. He had an energy efficient furnace installed and was slowly replacing his light bulbs with compact fluorescents. John‘s interest in the environment and his desire to reduce his energy footprint made him a perfect candidate for the first Now House retrofit. After engaging in conversation with team member Harry Mahler about his green efforts and challenges, Now House had found a home.

The Retrofit Process

To achieve our goal of a near zero energy retrofit we made the following changes to this home. As all existing houses have a unique set of conditions and characteristics, the application of the Now House process to another house would produce different design specifications. What follows is not a prescription for the near zero retrofit of all homes.