The First Now House

The Retrofit Process: Windows


Replace windows

Windows are part of the overall Now House envelope improvement. The old single pane aluminum windows had little insulation value.

We replaced the old windows to provide better light and airflow and keep out cold air in winter and hot air in the summer. By enlarging a window in the south-facing wall, we have improved day lighting in the home (reducing electricity use) and providing passive solar heat in the winter.

Thanks to our sponsor InLine Fiberglass for providing our new windows. The windows are injected with an inert gas between the layers to provide insulation. They are made of Low-E glass low emissivity glass. The glass has been treated with a microscopic metallic oxide spray that reduces the amount of UV light passing through the glass.

The Retrofit Process

To achieve our goal of a near zero energy retrofit we made the following changes to this home. As all existing houses have a unique set of conditions and characteristics, the application of the Now House process to another house would produce different design specifications. What follows is not a prescription for the near zero retrofit of all homes.