The First Now House


Lorraine Gauthier
Lorraine is the Now House team leader and project manager. She is a founding partner in Work Worth Doing a design and communications company that creates positive social and environmental change. WWD created the vision for Now House and many members of the team including Alex Quinto, Heidi Nelson, Steve Harjula and Janet McCausland applied their talents to bring the project to successful completion and develop opportunities for replication.

David Fujiwara
David is the Now House architect. He is an OAA award winner in 2005 for his sustainable retrofit of a Toronto office/studio and has renovated over 200 homes in the Greater Toronto Area.

Harry Mahler
Harry is a professor at Ontario College of Art and Design who has a gift for problem solving and relationship building. Going door to door in Topham Park he readily gained the support of residents for the Now House project.

Malcolm Stephens
Malcolm is a mechanical engineer with a deep-rooted passion for technology. He has a broad knowledge of energy technologies as well as several inventions and patent-pending energy innovations.

Martin Osborne
Martin is the contractor for the Now House. He has been in construction for 35 years doing primarily residential construction management and whole house renovations.

Patrick Scantlebury
Patrick is the mechanical systems consultant for the project. He specializes in heating and energy reduction, and and has extensive experience in the supply and installation of mechanical systems.

The Retrofit Process

To achieve our goal of a near zero energy retrofit we made the following changes to this home. As all existing houses have a unique set of conditions and characteristics, the application of the Now House process to another house would produce different design specifications. What follows is not a prescription for the near zero retrofit of all homes.