Energy Conservation Week



Clockwise from top left: Windsor, Kitchener, Toronto, Ottawa

Four Houses, four cities, four weeks.

Now House takes its show on the road during Energy Conservation Week, May 17 – 23, 2009. Sponsored by the Ontario Power Authority and partnering with four community housing organizations in Windsor, Kitchener, Toronto and Ottawa, the Now House team is applying our deep energy reduction process to four houses in these communities.

Each house will receive an energy audit and will be modeled to determine the most cost effective approach to energy reduction in these 60-year-old wartime style homes.

During one intense week for each home during April and May, the Now House team will do a comprehensive energy reduction process including air sealing and insulation to reduce air leakage and improve the air tightness of these houses, change lighting and appliances to reduce plug load and conserve water with low flow fixtures in bathroom and kitchen.

Now House is working in partnership with the following social housing corporations:

Windsor Essex Community Housing Corporation
CHC is the largest social housing provider in Windsor and Essex County, and the fourth largest in Ontario. CHC provides 4,708 homes to about 12,000 seniors, parents, children, singles and persons with special needs. They also provide limited market rental opportunities to the people of Windsor and Essex County.

K-W Urban Native Wigwam Project
K-W Urban Native Wigwam Project is a non-profit and rent-geared-to-income housing project, assisting low income Aboriginal families with obtaining affordable rental housing.

Toronto Community Housing
Toronto Community Housing is Canada's largest social housing provider and home to more than 164,000 tenants with low and moderate incomes - about six per cent of the City of Toronto’s population. Toronto Community Housing employs 1,400 staff in a broad range of jobs who deliver Toronto Community Housing’s mandate to provide quality housing and build great neighbourhoods. Toronto Community Housing is one of Canada’s 2009 Top 100 Employers.

Ottawa Community Housing
Ottawa Community Housing Corporation is the largest social housing provider in Ottawa, and the second largest in Ontario. It provides 14,783 units to over 32,000 seniors, parents, children, singles and persons with special needs in 162 communities.