Now House Windsor 5


Lorraine Gauthier
Lorraine is the Now House team leader and project manager. The vision for Now House was the brainchild of Work Worth Doing, a design transformation company she founded in 2004 to create social and environmental change. Lorraine established The Now House Project Inc. as a separate business entity in 2007.

David Dumoulin and Mathew Barnes
David and Mathew are general contractors for Now House. They have worked together since 1982 doing whole house retrofits in the GTA. They adapt the near zero energy and sustainable design of the first Now House to the practical considerations of the community-housing context.

Cara Sloat
Cara is a consultant to Now House. She is a mechanical engineer with Cobalt Engineering where she designs sustainable building systems. She assists us in designing near zero energy house retrofit scenarios and provides counsel on sustainable design principles to ensure our proposed designs are in harmony with the environment.

Steve Harjula
Steve is the design lead for Now House communications practice. He designs exhibitions, knowledge transfer presentations, events and interactive experiences in the application of the studio’s socio-technical objectives and strategies for advancing energy conservation and sustainable design.

Janet McCausland
Janet is a consultant to Now House supporting opportunity management, new business partnerships and client project reporting. She is an enthusiastic, energetic, results oriented communicator whose experience in the green world adds value to our project strategies.

Quinn Shephard
Quinn is the project manager for Now House projects. She manages production schedules, deliverables, events and budgets and manages resource requirements for Now House communications, demonstrations and events.